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Orange Wednesdays iPhone app now showing on the App Store

Orange Wednesdays, the wildly popular two for one cinema ticket offering, now has its very own iPhone app. It’s a slickly designed programme that will not only grab you a discount code, but pull in all the film reviews and info you need, as well as alert your buddy to where the showing is.

If you’re planning on grabbing an iPhone on Orange from next week, you’ll be able to quickly request and redeem your Orange Wednesday code with the app, and show it to the attendant instead of squinting and reading it out. For anyone with an iPhone on O2, it’s still a great way to find out what’s on near you, how good it is, and then email friends the location and time straight from the app.

Orange iPhone tethering price beats O2

The Orange Wednesdays iPhone app is out now on the App Store, with iPod touch support coming later today, though to make the most of it, you’ll need to be on the Orange network. But hey, anything that pulls in film reviews, times and local listings is good with us.

Out Now | £free | Orange (Available on the iPhone App Store)

If you want to get in on the cheap movie action, there’s a wide range of Orange phones at the Dialaphone website.

  • http://www.gravatar.com James Holland

    I absoultely love that they’ve done this. Vodafone have almost certainly got similar apps in the works too – it’s great to see the networks pushing the boat out and making a fuss of the iPhone, but how come they’re not giving the same treatment to Android phones?!

    • http://www.electricpig.co.uk Ben Sillis

      What didn’t you get the memo? Android owners apparently aren’t cool enough to do things like go to the cinema. I hope the networks do patch this up though. The whole cinema/mobile set up has been fairly bad until recently. Take Vue for instance – it only launched a mobile optimized site a few months back! I had to fish around on its horrific desktop site on a BlackBerry before then when I was out.

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