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Tiggit Sonos remote for BlackBerry: hands-on photos!

With Sonos giving next to no clue as to what mobile platform it’ll bash out a Zoneplayer ordering app for next, anyone without an iPhone, iPod touch, or £280 spare for a full on remote has to make do with the multi-room audio company’s free PC software. Unless they have a BlackBerry to hand, that is: the Tiggit Controller for Sonos has just gone on sale, and we’ve taken it for a test spin.

Let’s get this clear from the get go: the Tiggit Sonos remote app for Wi-Fi friendly BlackBerry models is nothing but perfunctory. The less said about UI the better: it looks shameful. But it does work – enter the IP address of any Zoneplayer in your house and it’ll jump onto the network, and let you pause play, and muddle the queue up in advance. It works just as quickly as any other Sonos remote, and has album view too.

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There is one wee, potentially fatal problem with the Tiggit Sonos remote in its current form, mind. It doesn’t let you dive into your music library, instead letting you only tweak what’s lined up already. Still that should change in future releases, and being able to listen to music which pauses when your phone rings is still incredibly convenient.

Although Tiggit has been around in beta form for a few months, it’s just hit version 1.0 as of yesterday, and gone on sale on the MobiHand app download site. It costs $10 (£6) but you can download it to test out as a free trial for a week. Got a Sonos and a BlackBerry Bold? Give it a whirl here. Wi-Fi lacking Storm owners, you’ll have to sit this one out, we’re afraid.

Out Now | $10 | Tiggit

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