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UPDATE: right on cue, LG has taken down its GW620 site, but the video’s still active. Take a peep below!

Er LG. You might want to check on your official LG GW620 website. We know it’s not ready, but it’s just gone live along with some tasty launch videos detailing just what the Android QWERTY toting phone can do. Read on to see the viddy, and all of the GW620′s leaked details!

Head on over to right now and you’ll see what appears to be the official site for the forthcoming LG GW620 smartphone, except it’s filled with Latin placeholder text.

LG GW620 Android phone debuts

Still, that hasn’t stopped us snaffling up a few titbits on the LG GW620 thanks to the first official videos on display. It doesn’t look like we’ll be seeing Android 2.0 on the LG GW620, but in its place, we’re promised an SNS (social networking service) manager, suggesting LG’s gone the extra mile and drummed up some of its own software akin to the Motorola DEXT for pulling in Facebook.

More intriguingly though, the LG GW620 seems to promise face recognition that integrates between the camera and the phonebook. It’s not clear if it’s a quick way to snap a shot of someone then set it as a profile pic, easily tag photos for Facebook, or whether it can pull up a contact card based on who’s on view in the camera.

Take a look at the LG GW620 official video with slightly dodgy mascots right here, and stay tuned for LG to drop some more details along these lines like they’re a surprise soon.

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