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Motorola Droid UK bound?

The Motorola Droid Android 2.0 phone we saw make a cheeky early outing last week has finally been confirmed by Moto, and it’s one beast of a blower, stuffing in a 3.7-inch screen, QWERTY keyboard, GPS, a five megapixel camera, and a little something call Android 2.0. But is it coming to the UK? Let’s just say the forecast is sunny – here’s how we know.

Launched yesterday on Verizon in the US, the Motorola Droid is the premier Android blower right now, thanks to the latest software and that free turn by turn navigation from Google. But what about us Brits?

Motorola debuted the DEXT at the same time in Europe, but we’ve had nothing concrete on the Motorola Droid, just the following statement from the US company: “We’ve not yet announced availability of this device in other markets, but look forward to continuing to expand our Android base portfolio around the world.”

Motorola Droid makes early debut

We’d normally have to console ourselves with the word “yet”, but there’s good news: a GSM version of the Motorola Droid has now surfaced online in video form (Caution: turn the sound down first) to give us hope. Verizon uses a different type of network communication tech called CDMA, so this prototype hints at a European release some time soon – it’s the same site that leaked the Palm Pre before it was confirmed for our continent.

The only question is, will we get the Motorola Droid before Crimbo time? We’ll let you know as and when. Moto’s only got a few weeks to launch it here to maximise sales so keep a keen eye out.

Out TBC | £TBC | Motorola (Via Tinh Te)

  • skillian

    The video has been set to private :(

    I’ve got so used to phones coming out first (or at least simultaneously) in Europe I hadn’t really thought about a specific UK release date. Now it’s almost on sale in the US, I’m starting to feel a little gutted. Hope it’s not too long to wait.

  • Ske

    If they delay the UK release as long as the Pre did then they will lose out. No one here wants a devide that is already 4 months old before it even goes on sale! The type of consumer this device is aimed at will want this soon or not at all, especially with the imminent arrival of the X3 (X10?) and no doubt a new HTC Android monster hot on its heels….

    • http://www.gravatar.com James Holland

      I really hope there’s not too long a delay. The Droid looks awesome. It’s the first phone in ages that makes me think my iPhone might soon be replaced.

      • http://www.electricpig.co.uk Ben Sillis

        I’d be inclined to agree, except for the landscape keyboard. RIM aside, only Palm has really clocked that portrait QWERTY keyboards are better for email addicts. Bizarrely, the keyboards on things like the N97 and HTC Touch Pro 2 are actually too big for my liking.

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