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BlackBerry StormExclusive: The original BlackBerry Storm got a bumper software upgrade in the US today, chucking in handy features like flick-based scrolling and improved typing, but anyone packing the BlackBerry Storm on Vodafone UK is about to don a pair of green contacts: we’ve just heard that the OS 5.0 update won’t roll out over here until next year.

Verizon, the network hawking the BlackBerry Storm in the US, finally announced the BlackBerry Storm 2 today, along with a major software update to bring the original SurePress phone up to par with its successor. But we’ve heard from a source close to the manufacturer that the same update won’t land for Vodafone users in the UK until 2010.

BlackBerry Storm 2: hands-on photos!

We’re scouting around for more details on the update plans now, including a firm date for its 2010 release in Britain. However, for anyone toting a first-generation BlackBerry Storm it looks like bad news: don’t expect to be catching up with the typing speeds of BlackBerry Storm 2 owners any time before Christmas.

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