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Amazon iPhone appIt’s taken a strangely long time, but an official Amazon iPhone app has finally sauntered onto the shelves of the App Store, bringing with it one poke ordering, wishlists, parcel tracking, and even iPhone camera integration to look up goodies you see on sale in the real world!

It’s always been easy to order on Amazon via an iPhone or iPod touch thanks to the online emporium’s optimised mobile site, but the Amazon iPhone app just made it even simpler. 1-Click ordering is in place, naturally, and it’s a well laid out program with essential icons like search and basket arranged along the bottom with some lovely graphical touches too: click buy and the tile of a product will drop into the trolley in front of your eyes.

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Here’s where the Amazon iPhone app gets really clever though: the Remembers section allows you to upload photos you take. The site then scans its warehouses for a matching product and does its best to bring you the info. Amazon says it’s still in the experimental stages, but we tried it out with a Pure digital radio sitting on the shelf, and it figured it out in less than two minutes. When you consider just how many items are sold on Amazon, that’s frighteningly impressive.

The Amazon iPhone app is out now on the App Store, priced at absolutely nada, so give it a whirl right now.

Out Now | £free | Amazon (Available on the iPhone App Store)

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