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Sky MoviesSomething for the weekend, sir? Sky Movies is going free next weekend for anyone with one of Rupert Murdoch’s satellites pinned to their wall, and that includes an HD channel too!

If you’re a Sky TV subscriber, you’ll be able to watch both Sky Movies Screen 1 and Sky Movies Screen 1 HD free from 6pm on 30 October (A week tomorrow) until 6am the following Monday, 2 November.

Sky Player for Xbox 360 dated

Flicks on show on the freebie Sky Movies dates include Atonement, The Usual Suspects, Enchanted, The Incredible Hulk and more, and Sky Movies will also be airing interviews with everyone from Jim Carrey to Ricky Gervais, so whip out your calendar, mark that weekend off and tune in!

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  • danny

    i wondered if i record these movies will have to pay for them after the weekend over or can i watch them over and over again forever lol

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