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Windows Mobile 7

Screens of the next-gen Windows Mobile 7 have been leaked all over the web, showing the futuristic Microsoft OS in all its glory. With Windows Mobile 6.5 only just out of the blocks, it’s surprising to see such huge changes so quickly, but the tweaked version already looks better.

Take a close look at these new Windows 7 mobile screens and you’ll notice one major thing’s missing: the Start button isn’t there. Perhaps this is Microsoft finally admitting that its raft of drill down menus just doesn’t suit the world of easy to use mobile UIs.

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The Outlook app in Windows Mobile 7 has been given a radical overhaul, while the on screen keyboard looks more than a little like something you’d find on and Android-packing blower.

There’s no official word on when Windows Mobile 7 will land. But if you were thinking about getting something packing Windows Mobile 6.5, you might want to ease your wallet back into your pocket.

Out TBC | £TBC | Microsoft (via Pocketnow)

  • Ben Sillis

    I’m still baffled by Microsoft’s persistence on putting touchscreen icons so close to the edge of the screen. There’s a reason iPhone OS doesn’t do that: they’re impossibly hard to press. And that’s on responsive capacitive screens too. If WinMo 7 sticks with resistive support, they’ll be absolutely impossible to prod. Seriously Microsoft, drop it already.

  • James Holland

    There’s a lot here that looks startlingly like the iPhone. That red “end call” button… the sheen on the keyboard. It’s all very familiar and more than a litle shameless if you ask me. Bit disappointed there’s no real innovation here, as I don’t really see killing off the Start button as progress… more of an obvious change that should’ve happened years ago!

    • Ben Sillis

      I’m getting very bored of everything looking like the iPhone. Don’t go there Microsoft!

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