Well now. Dell may be stalling on an Android phone for the West, but it’s hard at work on a Google tablet follow up, primed to kick the Archos 5 all over the shop. Want to see how it squares up? We’ve got the video.

Dubbed the Dell Streak, this Android slate has popped up in an extensive hands-on video courtesy of the Vietnamese site that brought us such classics as the European Palm Pre and Pixi way ahead of schedule. It’s a 5-inch number with a sharp WVGA resolution screen, just like the Archos 5, but it ups the stakes with a more polished look and 3G to complement the Wi-Fi, as well as multitouch zooming.

Archos 5 Android tablet unboxed!

What we can tell so far is that the Dell Android tablet will pack Android 2.0, a 5 megapixel snapper and a microSD slot, and sports an Apple-envying mere three physical buttons along the side.

Take a look at the Dell Android tablet on video here, coupled with some chillaxed music to soothe you into it. Oh, and guy in the reflection, Michael Dell wants to see you in his office, first thing tomorrow.

Out TBC | £TBC | Dell (Via Slashgear)

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