Navigon 7310 review Navigon 7310 review

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We love
Great maps, 3D view is ace and screen is sharp
We hate
Needless landmark views, occasionally tricksy voice recognition
A decent satnav with some excellent add-ons: well worth a look if you're a TomTom hater
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Navigon 7310

TomTom’s new budget mapper, the Start, might be catching gadget fans’ eyes with its fancy colour finishes and its boot sale-esque pricing. But the Navigon 7310 cares not for the cheap end of the market. Nope, this top notch navigation node is all about clever extras, great maps and getting you where you need to be in style. But can it beat its high end rivals? Read our Navigon 7310 review now and we’ll give you the full skinny.

Slap the Navigon 7310 on the dash and you’ll soon be marvelling at its myriad features. Packing a more than ample 4.3-inch touchscreen, this satnav is capable of taking voice directions from you, when prompted. Tell it to get you to your local MaccyD’s and it’ll have you there quicker than they can rustle up a Happy Meal.

Admittedly, this feature, dubbed the Professional Voice Command, does have its quirks. We found ourselves shouting directions at junctions while the Navigon 7310 simply refused to acknowledge our destination existed. If we wanted that kind of response, we’d buy a road atlas and sit our better half in the passenger seat.

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That’s not to say this isn’t a fine personal navigation device. The screen is crisp and clear and the maps are second to none. 3D view might seem like a gimmick, but coupled with realistic road signs, you’ll really have to be going some to get lost with the Navigon 7310. It’s surprising just how helpful these features are and going back to our TomTom left us feeling a tad bereft.

There’s also TMC Traffic. This does come at an extra cost, but in the form of a bigger initial price tag rather than an annoying monthly fee. It means the Navigon 7310 is always up to date with what’s going on on the roads. Think of it like having your very own radio traffic announcer whenever you take a journey. With Bluetooth thrown in, you’re looking at a worthy contender for that central position on your windscreen.

While the aforementioned 3D view is great for getting a feel for the lie of the land, the addition of buildings and landmarks is frankly distracting. Seeing a cathedral take up half your screen when you’re trying to ease your way around Westminster is utterly infuriating. If you ask us, it’s an add-on the Navigon 7310 can do without.

In all, the Navigon 7310 is a sharp device, capable of going toe to toe with TomTom. The latter’s Go series remains top dog, but if you’re not keen, then this is where it’s at.

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