Eee KeyboardThe Eee Keyboard has had a long and bumpy ride since it debuted at CES way back in January, suffering delay after delay. The multimedia streaming QWERTY finally looked set to ship this month, but we’ve got some bad news for you: Asus just told us the release date is MIA.

Asus is showing off its new wares ahead of the Windows 7 launch on Thursday, but the Eee Keyboard wasn’t among them. We spoke to Asus UK spokesperson John Swatton about its absence, and he told us it was still stuck in testing.

“There’s no official announcement on when it’s being launched…it could be November, it could be December, it could be January, it could be February,” he said.

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That’s bad news for anyone hoping to get the Eee Keyboard perching on the sofa by their flatscreen before Christmas. Swatton couldn’t be any more specific, but if Asus can’t get the Eee Keyboard out the door soon, it’ll miss the prime Crimbo sales rush. Stay tuned: we’ll let you know as soon as the Eee Keyboard gets badged up and ready for business.

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