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Asus Designo MS monitor: hands-on photos!

The Asus Designo MS super thin monitor has taken a little bit longer to get over to Blighty than Asus promised us last month, but we’ve finally tracked down the waif like HD box for a hands-on sesh. See all the snaps right here in our gallery.

The Asus Designo MS monitor is just as thin as we hope from the official shots. That bulk is added to by the circular kickstand, but it’s just so stylish, that ring could be as large as a Penny Farthing wheel and we’d still want a Asus Designo MS monitor, even just as an ornament.

Asus Designo MS monitor: full HD, 16mm thin

Full HD video on the larger 23.6-inch Asus Designo MS monitor was judderless, but we weren’t knocked out by picture quality. The movie appeared flat and white, so it’s nowhere near the Apple Cinema Display for glorious imagery, but then its pricetag isn’t either. Have a look at the Asus Designo MS monitor in our gallery, and stay tuned for more on Asus’s Feng Shui flatscreen.

Out TBC | £244 | Asus

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