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EyeTV-3G-400Yesterday it seemed we’d have to wait for a new version of Elgato’s EyeTV app after Apple pulled it from the iPhone app store, but it’s already made a reappearance, complete with its clandestine 3G streaming abilities. Want the skinny on Apple’s U-turn? Read on for all the info.

Apple originally pulled the EyeTV iPhone app after we revealed a secret way to access live TV streams using a 3G connection instead of Wi-Fi. Elgato issued a statement yesterday explaining that a new version had been submitted to Apple, without the offending 3G abilities, and that it expected it to be back on sale soon.

How to unlock EyeTV’s 3G TV streaming

This morning, however, Apple appears to have backed down. The original 1.0.0 version of the EyeTV iPhone app is back on sale across the UK, US and German app stores, complete with its 3G streaming abilities.

Has Apple simply made a mistake by re-allowing EyeTV into the App Store? Has it simply forgotten to update the version number, or is it really allowing 3G streaming across mobile networks? Elgato has yet to issue a comment. We’ll keep you posted.

Out now | £2.99 | Elgato

  • Ian Palmer

    Elgato says that 1.0.1 removes the 3G capability. Sounds to me like as soon as that version is approved and goes live, the fun will be over.

    • James Holland

      Only if you upgrade Ian! Of course, you’ll miss out on the odd bug fix, and if it’s true Apple doesn’t really mind it after all, you never know, 3G streaming could be an official feature soon.

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