EyeTV-warning-400UPDATE: EyeTV now seems to be back on the iPhone App Store, compete with 3G streaming. Has Apple backed down, or is it a mix up?

Just hours after we revealed a secret ability within the Elgato EyeTV iPhone app, allowing it to tap into live TV streams over 3G as well as Wi-Fi, Apple has yanked the app from the iPhone app store.

Issuing a statement, Elgato revealed that “Apple has removed the Elgato EyeTV App from the App store this morning, due to concerns about live TV streaming over the 3G network.”

The company explained that the ability to skip past the EyeTV app’s warnings that it could only use Wi-Fi connections to stream TV shows was the result of “some test code” that was “accidentally left in the the EyeTV App.”

How to unlock the EyeTV iPhone app’s secret 3G streaming

It’s a disappointing move, and one which serves to highlight the tight restrictions iPhone developers continue to operate within. However, Elgato’s statement points the finger of blame for streaming restrictions firmly at mobile phone networks, explaining: “[Apple’s] agreement with AT&T does not allow redirecting TV signals over the cellular network.”

Telly fans need not fear though. Existing copies of EyeTV installed on iPhones and iPod touches continue to work, and Apple has yet to invoke its infamous “kill switch” to remove them.

What’s more, Elgato states that a new build of the EyeTV app (version 1.0.1), without the offending code, has been submitted to Apple. “We expect EyeTV to return to the App Store when the 1.0.1 version is approved,” Elgato says.

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