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cwmNokia Comes With Music has just 107,000 users worldwide. That’s according to stats sent out direct from Espoo to the world’s biggest record labels over the summer. And with Sky Songs and Spotify dominating, the future’s not looking rosy for Nokia’s all-you-can-eat music service.

The official figures on active Comes With Music users were released by Nokia in July and handed to industry blog Music Ally. The document makes for grim reading for the Finns. There were just 32,728 punters using Comes With Music in July 2009 in the UK, with as few as 691 in Italy and 560 in Switzerland.

Nokia extends Comes With Music pass

Globally, it seems developing areas are getting stuck in, with Mexico and Singapore boasting 16,344 and 19,318 users respectively. But the total of 107,000 is well short of what Nokia was hoping for when the service kicked off a year ago.

Nokia responded to the release of the figures by saying, “Comes With Music has been a live service for 12 months in the UK and over the last 8 months, has also gone live in 11 other countries. This is a very fast rollout for a service of its kind.”

However, it has been hampered by DRM, 12 month contracts and the advent of Spotify. With a cheaper Napster and Sky Songs on the cards, it seems Nokia Comes With Music is set for another rocky year.

Out now | £149 | Nokia (via Music Ally)

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