Well, hello Moto. We knew Motorola was putting all its eggs in the Android basket, but we weren’t expecting a followup to the Motoblur-skinned DEXT so soon. This leaked video suggests otherwise though. What exactly is Motodroid?

Boy Genius Report just put up a video of what appears to be a mystery Motorola phone. It’s difficult to make much of the handset until after the loading screen (which looks exactly like the eye of Sauron) disappears, but it looks to be sporting a new look Android skin, suggesting Motoblur has been tweaked further.

Motorola DEXT Android phone: official photos!

There are no confirmed details on the mystery Motorola phone, but a robotic voice stating the word “droid” over the top would hint at the name, and we know that Motorola’s only just getting started with Google’s OS, so a sequel is inevitable at some point. Is this the keyboardless-successor? Give that play button a pop and see what you make of it.

Out TBC | £TBC | Motorola (Via Boy Genius Report)

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