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iVIP BlackiVIP Black iPhone app isn’t the most expensive iPhone app ever, but it is the most exclusive: not only do you have to stump up £600 for the privilege, but you have to prove you’re a millionaire too! Want to know what it lets you do? We’ll let you in on the secret, VIP stylee.

Get the butler to surf on over to the iPhone App Store right now, and you’ll find the iVIP Black iPhone app on sale for £599.99. Yes, £599.99. It’ll get you access to luxury services like swish cars, nightclubs, helicopters, VIP lounges and even private islands, but here’s the catch: the iVIP Black iPhone app requires you to prove your net worth: it has to be more than £1million, or you can’t join in the boardroom backscratching.

Rain Man iPhone app gets Vegas all shook up

Oh well. At least the iVIP Black iPhone app serves a purpose, unlike the I Am Rich exploitation app, and there’s always the iVIP Blue service for £279.99, open to everyone, with selected luxury services on offer. Unsurprisingly, there are no customer reviews for either iVIP iPhone app, so you can take solace in the fact that few people have been silly enough to buy them yet.

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  • JDub

    Looks like a very un-VIP UI. Laughable…
    They want to prove they can offer services in a way I can’t get elsewhere…lol

    • Ben Sillis

      What? You don’t want to pay £599.99 to find out?

  • Sidfasdf23

    Your mum is a MILF… enough said;…

  • chris Tallis

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  • Don

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    Razza Gadsby is a HELM!

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  • no idea

    it is a scam just like the i am rich app

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