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New Nintendo handheld primed?UPDATE: Nintendo has dismissed source claims of a new Tegra handheld as rumour and speculation“. Which we might point out, isn’t an outright denial.

The Nintendo DSi isn’t even a year old, but already the Japanese gaming giant is prepping a new handheld gaming device, according to new sources. Is it the Nintendo DS 2?

According to processor news site Bright Side Of News, NVIDIA, which makes graphics kit that fuels many a computer, has landed a deal to stick its Tegra chip inside a new Nintendo handheld. Tegra is a system on a chip that’s used to power the high deffy skills of gadgets like the Zune HD, so it could allow for a new Nintendo game box with phenomenal graphics compared to the low-res DS (you can see what Tegra is capable of in this video).

Nintendo chief slates PSPgo

That’s a massive coup for NVIDIA, but never mind that, a new Nintendo handheld? Where do we sign? BSN’s sources claim that it would be backwards compatible with current DS applications, but there’s no word on a name just yet. We’d love it if Nintendo resurrected the Game Boy brand but we fear Ninty has retired it for good.

Don’t expect to hear anything official on a new Nintendo handheld for a very, very long time – we’re talking late 2010 – but we’ll bring you any more that breaks before then as and when, and leave you with some food for thought. If NVIDIA is making the new Nintendo handheld, could it power a Wii sequel too?

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