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Google Chrome OS: first screenshot!

Take a good, hard look at this picture, peeps. This could well be what Google Chrome OS looks like when it rolls out to tackle Windows on laptops next year. Want to know how this slipped out and what it spells for you? We’ve got the explanation.

Google is rapidly updating Chromium, the open source browser on which Chrome is based, for Mac, and in a recent build, blog TechCrunch stumbled across an interesting find: a folder called “chromeos”. It’s now vanished, but one enterprising coder managed to install it on a Linux machine.

Google Chrome OS: Google takes on Windows

The result? What appears to be the browser included with Google Chrome OS, in a basic form. Despite the existing Chrome browser tabs, it’s actually slightly different, as you can see some form of navigation/taskbar for the OS sitting above it, and what appears to be a new logo.

Clicking the mysterious ring in the top left hand corner for now only takes you to a locked Google page, but we could well see this being a drop down menu for other Google Apps, like Mail and Maps.

On the other side of the screen you can also glimpse the Google Chrome OS clock, laptop battery charge status and minimize/close options. It’s not the prettiest thing we’ve ever seen (just how practical is it to put the close button shifted from the corner of an app window?) but this is just the very beginning.

Have a closer look at Google Chrome OS taking its first small steps right here, and we’ll be back if and when any crafty devs get any more aspects up and running early.

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