FM radio iPhone app incoming

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ipod-nano-fam-radioApple is working on a new FM radio app for the iPhone and iPod touch, taking its cue from the wireless it’s just snuck into the new iPod nano. That’s the word from rumour mongers, who reckon it’ll work in the background and have some clever touches to put it ahead of the curve.

9to5mac has received a tip off that Apple is working on an FM iPhone radio app. Apparently though, there’s been a hold up in shoving the add-on onto the cell while Apple looks into a tagging system that’ll let you buy the songs you hear from iTunes.

Apple pledges open iTunes LP

The idea is to let you tap the screen to see the song that’s playing on the FM radio iPhone app and tap again to take you to the iTunes store, where you can spend your hard earned cash on the tune.

While this remains a rumour, a simple update could see the FM radio iPhone app pushed to devices. Keep everything crossed, radio fans.

Out TBC | £TBC | Apple (via 9to5mac)

  • Rowan Lloyd

    Add-on eh? The wi-fi chip in the iPhone and iPod touch is also capable of recieving FM radio but Apple is against this, and no member of the jailbreaking community has yet released a homebrew app.

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