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Acer Android smartphone hands-on!

UPDATE: The Acer Android smartphone is the A1, and it comes with Android version 1.6 – AKA Donut. Acer’s talking about it right now at its London prezzer, so more details to come.

UPDATE 2: Acer’s dancing to two different tunes here. Despite Acer’s top execs calling it the A1 on stage, it’s now been launched as the Acer Liquid on Acer’s UK website.

That Acer Android smartphone we were promised earlier this year? It’s here and we’ve just gone hands-on with it: read on for first photos and impressions.

Android Invasion! Everything you need to know about Android phones

We’re live at the Acer press conference in London this morning, and on show is a nameless Acer Android smartphone. It’s yet to be detailed at the prezzer, but we do know the Acer Android smartphone packs a Snapdragon processor and WVGA screen, plus a 5MP camera. From our quick play, we’re not won over by the massive bezel or the lack of auto-correct for typing, but it’s a polished looking effort nonetheless.

Acer Android phone hinted by top brass

Acer’s brandished us with a few more snipped of information about the Acer Liquid: it’s feature social network integration into the address book, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Picasa and Flickr, and the camera will offer geo-tagging. Motoblur or HTC Sense, anyone?

Out TBC | £TBC | Acer

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