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snow-leopardIt seems the once impregnable fortress that is Apple OS X is getting attacked from all sides. Reports are emerging of a new bug in Snow Leopard which is after users’ data. Read on to see just how you can guard against attack on your Mac.

OS X Snow Leopard has already had one major update since launch. But it seems Apple is going to need to get another one pushed out sharpish, with discussion threads on official forums buzzing with tales of a bug which leads to users losing all their data.

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Complaints centre around punters starting their Macs, only to find they’ve logged in as a guest and that their own account has been emptied of all files. Users are saying guest accounts are appearing in the directory before their Mac is done over.

At the moment, there’s no fix from Apple to stop this Snow Leopard niggle. So if you’re worried, make sure your Mac is backed up and stay vigilant.

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