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Maemo 6Nokia’s Maemo 5 multitasking OS for the N900 tablet is looking slick enough as it is, but there’s a new version in the works, Maemo 6, and Nokia’s just revealed all the details. Read on to find out what’s in and what’s out.

Nokia’s hosting the 2009 Maemo Summit in Amsterdam today, and the Finnish phone peddler kicked things off with a sneak peek at Maemo 6, the next version of the clever software seen running on the N900.

The big deal for us is that Nokia’s Maemo 6 will support multitouch capacitive screens: we found the Nokia N900′s resistive screen and swirling zoom gestures a major let down in our first play, so this is great news for anyone who fancies a bit of web browsing with more familiar, and natural, pinching and swiping gestures.

Maemo Harmattan screen leaked

Nokia has also confirmed that Maemo 6 will be open for developers to craft their own apps on top of, and finally gave a glimpse of a rough mockup of the homescreen design, a scrolling display stuffed to the gills with widgets.

It looks like that Nokia Maemo “Harmattan” screenshot we saw leaked in May was the real deal, as it matches the grid layout shown here perfectly. We’ll bring you more on Nokia’s new Maemo 6 OS, and the devices it runs on, as it breaks.

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