channel-4Channel 4 and YouTube are about to get cosy, signing a deal which will bring full length shows to the Google–backed video site. So how does it work? And what ads will you need to endure in order to enjoy that Hollyoaks omnibus? Read on for everything you need to know.

According to the Telegraph, which has sniffed out word of the deal between Channel 4 and YouTube, the tie-up will see 4OD-style content land on a dedicated channel.

A “senior television source” said, “When the Channel 4 content formally appears on YouTube, it will be branded exactly the same way as it is on the Channel 4 website. It will be a fully Channel 4 branded space and look as if someone has picked up 4 on Demand (Channel 4’s online catch up service) and put it on YouTube.”

Channel 4 showing in 3D this autumn

Word is that the hook up between Channel 4 and YouTube is based on a 30 day catch up window, just like the one you get on 4OD now. Ads will be sold by Channel 4, so you won’t notice any difference in mid-show interruptions.

Stay tuned for official word on Channel 4 and YouTube’s love-in as soon as we get it.

Out TBC | Free | Channel 4 and YouTube (via The Telegraph)

  • Mark

    Sweet, YoutubeXL works great on my PS3, so that’s BBC iPlayer and CH4 I can watch on it now. (in addtion to all the freeview channels with PlayTV).

  • Ben Sillis

    Here’s hoping there are no annotations and in-video ad links. Otherwise, I think C4 will be on to a winner with audiences here.

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