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amazon-kindle-dx4We’ve been pestering Amazon ever since it announced the Kindle‘s worldwide release earlier this morning. Now we’ve got some juicy new facts, including a heads-up that the larger Kindle DX will be launching internationally in 2010.

We tapped up Amazon to ask whether other members of the Kindle family would join the Kindle 2 it announced for the UK this morning, as we were the first to tell you it would back in February. We were expecting the usual “no comment” but instead Amazon spokesman Ben Howes told us: “we expect to add a Kindle DX family member with international roaming sometime next year.”

It’s good news for anyone wanting an e-reader with a roomier screen, and the phrasing is deliciously vague. A “Kindle DX family member” could just as likely mean a whole new device as it could the existing Kindle DX.

We also pressed Amazon for an answer on British availability of its Kindle web browser, letting you tap into all sorts of handy information on the move, from Wikipedia to web-based e-mail.

The company’s official line is that “We are working on making blogs available internationally.  Non-U.S. customers in some countries, such as Japan, can use the experimental web browsing feature. Our goal is to implement the experimental web browser in every country.” However, Amazon’s keeping schtum on a timeline for proper connected e-reading activities.

Stay tuned, we’ll bring you more on the Kindle’s UK debut as soon as we get it.

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