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TomTom Start budget satnav official

The TomTom Start, the Dutch satnav seller’s latest low price PND, has just been unveiled. Want to know what it does for just 119 smackers? We’ve got the word so read on.

Like the TomTom One, the 3.5-inch TomTom Start is a satnav aimed at bringing less hardcore motorists on board with a low pricetag: the TomTom Start costs just £119 for UK maps, and £139 for Europe-wide.

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You won’t find LIVE connectivity for local Googling and realtime traffic updates, but the TomTom Start will give you IQ Routes to tell you the best route at a certain time, and a range of different coloured cases (StartSkins) at £14.99 a pop. We’d have thought bright coloured satnavs would lead to much more theft, but if that’s what you’re into, there are six colours to choose from, along with the base black and white options.

The TomTom Start is on sale at TomTom’s website right now, and for would-be owners, there’s a TomTom press event going down tonight, so you can expect more sharpish.

Out Now | £from 119 | TomTom

  • Rob

    I’d rather have tech info than pretty coloured cases – what is the word on TomTom support for EGNOS, the to-the-nearest-metre Euro GPS improved precision bolt on that went live this week? I can see references to it on the technical area of the TomTom website but no info as to whether their devices can use it!

  • Derek Johnson

    I’ve bought one of these but it’s going straight back. Why?

    1. It doesn’t show any Points of Interest on the driving display. TomTom say this is as intended.
    2. My model can’t do 7-digit UK Postcode search – software update promised though
    3. Can only have “North at the top” view when in 2D display.

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