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TomTom iPhone car kit: hands-on photos!

The TomTom iPhone car kit is almost upon us, and to prove it, we’ve got the little dashboard doodah in our own sweaty paws. See it up close right here in our hands-on gallery!

The TomTom iPhone app is already out, but the accompanying TomTom iPhone car kit with GPS skills of its own is now nearing release, and we’ve had a quick hands-on with a prototype. We weren’t able to test it in a car, but we can testify to the TomTom iPhone car kit’s small build and the genius of the screw sucker TomTom is known for.

TomTom iPhone car kit priced up!

We’re not sure yet whether it’s worth the full £100, on top of £60 for the actual app, but we’ll be taking it for a proper spin so stay tuned, and in the meantime, have a look at the photos of the TomTom iPhone car kit up close right here.

Out October | £99.99 | TomTom

  • ttinsider

    Wait until early 2010. It will be bundled at a much better price.

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