Nintendo Wii Firmware updates can be a pain at the best of times but last week’s Nintendo Wii firmware update 4.2 seems to have been terminal for some consoles. But don’t worry, if yours is dead, you could get it fixed for free.

Nintendo has admitted to the problem and stated that it will offer free repairs to any UK Wii owner who has lost their console to the firmware foul-up.

Beware though, if you’ve modded your Wii, you’ll be out of luck. Nintendo is offering the repairs only to people with bricked consoles that are running the normal system.

The firmware problem apparently occurs when the installation crashes mid-way through and sends the Wii’s digital guts into spasm. Nintendo claims that only a very small number of users have been affected. Are you one of them?

Nintendo’s decision to offer free repairs for Wiis broken by the firmware issue contrasts strongly with Sony’s seriously grumpy reaction to recent claims about PS3 failures. The Japanese giant descended into a war of words with BBC consumer show Watchdog.

Out now | £free | Nintendo (via Eurogamer)

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