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Five ways to fix your FreeviewThe Freeview re-tune has turned out to be as well managed as team Bull playing away in a china shop, but if you’ve been locked out of your favourite channels, we’ve got some tips to try and help you resume normal service. Read on to see if these fix your Freeview.

1. Upgrade the aerial
Part of the reason channels are going missing from various Freeview boxes is that they’ve moved multiplex (broadcast frequency) in the recent re-tune. If all your ITV channels have vanished, for instance, you could need an aerial upgrade to be able to pick them up again. It’s expensive, and not always necessary, so try tip number two before calling in the tradesmen.

2. Move your aerial
Again, raising your aerial could make all the difference. The truth is terrestrial TV reception will never achieve blanket coverage, so where you are in relation to transmitters will always be a factor, and getting a line of sight as best you can will help. Don’t do anything death defying, but if you can get your aerial as high as possible, you’ll be more likely to pick up all the channels. If you share an aerial with other residents beware, however. Moving the aerial to improve the performance of your box might have a knock-on effect on theirs.

Freeview backs down: apologises for re-tune woe

3. Upgrade your set top box firmware

Some manufacturers, like Humax, push out regular updates for their Freeview boxes, which you can install via a USB key. They improve performance, squeeze a little more power from ageing hardware and occasionally add new features. Check yours is up to the latest version by heading over to your manufacturer’s site and checking the Support section for software or firmware updates.

4. Full factory reset
We’ve had a lot of people reporting that a factory restore or return to default settings after the retune sorts out their missing channel woes. Look for the option tucked away in your on-screen menu as a first solution. It might be called “Factory reset” or “software reset”, so give it a jab before opting for any expensive alternatives.

5. Buy a new box
Freeview claimed that only 0.1% of boxes would go kaput as a result of the re-tune, but that’s not what we’re hearing from Electricpig readers. It looks like the problem is much wider spread, and the sad truth is that in some cases, there may be little you can do other than upgrade. But hey, if you do, at least you’ll have the new Quest channel to look forward to, and Freeview HD if you buy an HD-capable set top box.

  • Ann Manners

    We have 2 freeview boxes both now don’t get BBC3 or BBC4 that we watched a lot, we could already get Chan 5 so it is not the improvement that was promised to say we are less than happy is a understatement we are now going to get rid of the freeview boxes and go for an alternative.

  • Paul

    Digifusion crashed but changing the frequency on the aerial power screen fixed it . Go to Freview , Your area , and tick the ‘ in the trade ‘ box for the frequency numbers

  • Joe

    Since the retune date passed, I’ve had this very odd problem with my freeview box. Every evening from about 6pm onwards (usually up until around midnight) all my freeview channels break up, pixelate, and become totally unwatchable.

    What is strange is that they always seem to work fine during the daytime, and usually start working again after about midnight.

    Anybody got any ideas about what might be causing this? Could it be some form of interference, and if so from what?

    I’ve got two boxes in my house. One plugged into a roof antenna, and the other to an indoor antenna, and I have the same problem with both, which seems to suggest that it’s not the antennas that are at fault.

  • Angela

    I read that you need to disconnect anything that is connected to your telly including the arial and do a download this will completely empty your menu then connect the didgi box and arial to tv and do dowwnload. run video’s and dvd playes direct with scart by passing the digi box.
    I have a very old original digi box and get all the available on it. no problem, however upstairs I have bought a multi plg scart box and a new digibox and indoor arial and can get all the chat and shopping that I dont want and some others but no BBC programmes!!!!!

  • Kirk Fall

    Thank you for these pointers, I think that the digital changeover has also caused problems too

  • Beeston1952

    a factory reset sorted out my humax,

  • Petfrog

    My tv is a brand new JMB with freeview built in, and I still keep losing channels. I recieve from the Sandy Heath transmitter.

  • ahmed ahmed

    WHY DOES BOTH THE ON&OFF THINGS ARE ON?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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