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Sky SongsSky Songs, the music service that Murdoch’s British arm has been beavering away on since last year, looks set to meet its Christmas target: Sky saays it’s “coming soon…” and has a holding page for it live already. Is it so long for Spotify?

Sky Songs, as it’ll be called, looks set to go head to head with streaming services from Spotify and Nokia Music, reportedly before the year is out.

Sky Songs out by Christmas

While little is known about Sky Songs at present, It’ll be interesting to see how the service fares against the current king of music streaming, Spotify.

There’s no denying that Rupert Murdoch carries more clout than almost anyone else in the world of media (what with him owning a large chunk of it, and all), but Spotify’s already the darling of the big four labels. With reports that they even hold equity stakes in the service, will Sky Songs be able to budge it from the top spot?

Currently, heading on over to the Sky Songs page only brings up a trailer page with the promise of a “new way to discover music” and stating the service is “coming soon.” We’ll be getting up close and personal with it as soon as possible, so stay tuned for our first report.

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  • James Holland

    I can’t wait to see how this pans out. Sky could make a killing here, and provide some genuine competition / innovation. I’m still a Spotify fanboy though… at least until I try Sky Songs!

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