papa-johnsCan’t be bothered to talk to strangers or even just fire up your laptop to order a pizza? You’re in luck. Papa John’s has just outed its own mobile site, meaning you can get your orders in even easier than before. Read on to see how you can sate your pepperoni passion via the mobile web.

The Papa John’s mobile site is the first pizza delivery site for phones in the UK. The idea is to make it just like ordering on the regular website, with past order history, local store location and discount code entry all there for you.

The aim is sort your delivery before you get back to your gaff, so you can hop onto the Papa John’s mobile site, get the train home and have your dinner ready as you walk in.

Once you’ve ordered, Papa John’s will even fire you a text to confirm what’s coming your way. With the nights closing in and that new PS3 Slim seeing plenty of action, we reckon you can’t go wrong.

Out now | Free | Papa John’s

  • pizza lover from Canary Wharf

    Hmm…. I didn't realise that mobile applications can make such an impact on your pizza preferences :-) . What does it come first – pizza itself or the method of order? I choose the first one. My favourite pizza is pizza LUPA and even if they do not have iPod application available I still love it!!! The online ordering system they offer is more than enough for me, what about you guys? By the way, just in case you interested to try, they deliver only in West Hampstead, Crouch End, London Bridge and Canary Wharf areas.

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