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iwoot pocket TVBoys’ toys gadgetbox iwoot has just started flogging a tiny portable media player with Freeview built in, but there’s no token antenna squeezed inside: the lil’ gogglebox will keep a signal up to 111mph, so there’s no way you’ll miss Match Of The Day, even tearing down the M1!

The iwoot pocket telly, or “3.5 Inch Digital TV and Multimedia Player”, to give it its full, confuddly name, rocks an SD slot, 3.5-inch QVGA screen and support for AVI and MPEG files, plus MP3 and WAV music tracks, and Freeview TV with an EPG on screen.

picoStick: world’s smallest Freeview tuner

Pocket tellies are hardly anything new of course, but the iwoot pocket TV’s ability to keep a signal at well beyond the legal speed limit is impressive (up to 180km/h), especially when you consider Navman readily admitted to us that its Freeview satnav can’t handle even innner city driving speeds.

It’s still not an excuse to watch TV while driving, mind, but with a battery good for 3 hours of TV, the iwoot pocket tellie will at least keep the kids’ traps shut on a lengthy roadtrip. It should even work on some trains too, but if you were hoping for a bit of Peep Show on a Virgin Pendolino train, you’re out of luck: they rocket along at up to 155mph.

Out Now | £94.99 | iwoot

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