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ElgatoAn Elgato iPhone app to chuck telly from your Mac straight on to your iPhone, SlingPlayer style, has just hit the App Store. Want to know how to get your EyeTV fix on the move? Read on.

We told you of Elgato’s plans to launch an Elgato iPhone app for TV streaming almost a year ago, but now it’s here. Anyone with an EyeTV tuner for their Mac can now catch all the latest on the Elgato iPhone app too, which lets you peep live TV and record and schedule recordings.

Set up for the Elgato iPhone app is easy, as its Bonjour technology hunts down EyeTV-packing maps on the network and hooks up automatically. There is one downer though: live TV streaming will only work over Wi-Fi, with 3G connections only allowing you to check listings and set recordings.

On the pluse side, a coinciding EyeTV update brings a cool feature, My EyeTV, which lets the Elgato iPhone app connect to your Mac, in the same way as Back To My Mac does for MobileMe subscribers.

We’ll bounce back with a full Elgato iPhone app review, but anyone can nab it now on the App Store for £2.99.

Out Now | £2.99 | Elgato

  • Mark

    Doesn’t this do exactly the same as what a PSP does with Remote Play? and PlayTV? (or iPlayer)

  • Mark

    Doesn’t this do exactly the same as what the PSP has done for 2 years already with Remote Play? and PlayTV? (or iPlayer)

    • Ben Sillis

      Not every Mac owner with an Elgato EyeTV tuner has a PSP though. And sure, it’s just like SlingPlayer in many respects too. It all comes down to choice though, and more is always something to be commended. Except when it comes to iPod docks :)

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