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nintendo-wiiNintendo will announce a Wii price cut this Friday, 25 September, if internal memos from a giant US retailer are on the money. The move would see a drop to $199 Stateside, making it £150 here in Blighty. Want more on this cheap slice of console loveliness? Then keep reading.

A memo to staff at US gadget megastore Best Buy reckons the much–hyped Wii price cut is coming this week. The note says workers shouldn’t discuss plans until, “Nintendo makes their official announcement on Friday Sept 25.”

With the Xbox 360 Elite dropping to £199 and the PS3 Slim also up for grabs at £249, it’s no surprise to see the Nintendo Wii is getting cheaper. After all, it’s been the same ever since it landed back in 2006.

Wii HD by 2011, says games boss

The question is, will this price cut hit the UK too? Sony and Microsoft both managed to unleash price cuts globally, so Nintendo will doubtless follow suit. Will it be enough to make you grab one ahead of Christmas? Tell us in the comments section.

Out now | £180 | Nintendo (via Engadget)

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