Microsoft CourierPresenting the Microsoft Courier tablet. We heard earlier this week that Redmond was planning its own take on the slate computer, and this is it. A whole bunch of beans have spilled along with the picture though, so read on to find out what’s known so far about this laptop toppler.

We said on Monday that Microsoft would have to make a gamechanging device to stand a chance against Apple, and from what we’ve seen so far, the Microsoft Courier tablet is just that.

The Microsoft Courier isn’t just a tablet: it’s a booklet. It’s similar in design to Asus’s prototype dual screen laptop, but with two folding 7-inch multitouch displays. There’s also a camera on the back and potentially even a wireless charging pad around the back, like a Palm Touchstone.

Microsoft tablet plans to spoil Apple party

What are we looking at that could set the Microsoft Courier apart from an Apple tablet? For better or worse, it’s designed to be used with a stylus too, so you can doodle away with razor sharp accuracy. If Apple follows the tradition of its iPhone OS, its tablet will focus on being finger friendly first and foremost.

The leak makes no reference to what software the Microsoft Courier is running but, whatever it is, we want it, and we want it now. You can pull of all sorts of clever stunts like flicking a contact onto the map screen to be shown his or her office, and setting different apps or “projects” as homepages.

Gizmodo, the site that’s come up with the evidence, says the Microsoft Courier is at “late prototype” stage and being touted around to outside companies right now. We’re promised plenty more details outed over the next few days so keep it locked right here.

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