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Jabra StoneThe Jabra Stone is the name of that mysterious pebble you see over there. As you might it expect, it’s a Bluetooth headset but it’s not just any old headset: Jabra is promising a “wireless earvolution” with the new shape. Will it live up to promise? We’ve got the first details.

Head on over to the official Jabra Stone page and you’ll find a short video teasing the new device, and that old favourite, a countdown timer to launch.

Jabra’s just given us a few more details on the design of the Jabra Stone too: it will feature noise cancelling technology, and won’t need a boom arm to reach round and pick up the noises your mouth is churning out.

The Jabra Stone will also come with its owner portable charging kit, and will be lined with a soft rubber padding for added comfort. You may still have a blob on the side of your face, but at least you won’t feel it, eh?

That’s all Jabra is saying about the Jabra Stone right now, but by our calculations, it should be unveiled on Tuesday 20 October at bang on midday, so check back then if you want to look cool while chatting without the wires.

Out TBC | £TBC | Jabra Stone

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