Asus Designo MS monitor priced!

Asus Designo MS monitorThe Asus Designo MS monitor line we spied earlier this month is coming to the UK, we’ve confirmed. What’s more, we’ve got the price of this slice of HD beauty too, so read on to find out how much it’ll set you back.

We were stunned when we first spotted the Asus Designo MS monitor range: this line of hi-res, quick response LCD panels make the Apple Cinema Display look almost tacky, and bulky too: they’re all just 16.5mm thin.

For anyone hoping to get their paws on a Asus Designo MS monitor here in Blighty there’s now good news: the range will be getting a UK launch within the next week, and one of the models at least will come with a retail price of £244.

Asus Designo MS monitor: full HD, 16mm thin

We’re confirming now, but that should be the top end 23.6-inch model, as that chimes with Notebook Italia’s reported €299 price for the flagship Asus Designo MS monitor in Italy. We’ve got fingers crossed that means the other models will be even cheaper, and we’ll be sure to bring your all the details as and when.

Out TBC | £244 | Asus

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