starbucksSick of plonking yourself down in your favourite coffee chain only to find you need to stump up for the Wi–Fi? Well a new deal between Starbucks and BT Openzone means that such online disasters are over. Read on and we’ll tell you just how this new hook up works.

To get stuck into free Wi–Fi at Starbucks, you’ll need to sign on the dotted line for a Starbucks Reward card. Once you’ve got involved with the coffee king’s latest wheeze, you’ll be able to log on and check your emails while mainlining triple–shot Americanos.

Before playing nice with Outlook, Facebook or Twitter, load your Starbucks reward card up with £5 of credit and register it at the Starbucks website. If you’ve already got a reward card, you’re good to go.

BT Openzone hotspots available to O2 customers

If you’re packing an iPhone, you can already get involved with BT Openzones in Starbucks. But this is great if you don’t tote Apple’s blower and happen to find yourself in one of the 650 Wo–Fi enabled coffee houses in the UK and Ireland.

Out now | Free | Starbucks and BT Openzone

  • HJK

    This sounds great – especially because the iPhone tethering thing has never yet worked for me with Openzone – but the cloud works fine!

    I spend enough money in Starbucks though, it seems only fair they should give me free porn downloads. I mean, e-mail. Yes, e-mail.

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