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New Nintendo DSi colours incoming!

Handheld console fans wanting a bit of eye candy are in for the treat: the Nintendo DSi has just had a makeover, with three new colour versions set to launch shortly. Read on to get clued in on the new hues.

Absolutely nothing has change under the dual screen bonnet, but if the white or black Nintendo DSi wasn’t flamboyant enough for you to pull out on the train, from 23 October you’ll now be able to get the Nintendo DSi in both metallic and light blue, and red.

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The new Nintendo DSi models will also launch with the Facebook photo uploading feature pre-installed, and FlipNote Studio for doodling on the go. So long as Ninty doesn’t charge an overhead, we can’t complain about more choice. Could we please have that black Wii in Britan though guys, pretty please?

Out 23 October | £TBC | Nintendo

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