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Super Mario Galaxy HDThe Nintendo Wii’s been out for almost three years now, and while console life cycles are getting longer, everyone’s itching to know, when does the Wii 2 or Wii HD happen? One of the most influential game business bods in Japan has chimed in with his prediction though, so read on for what he had to say.

It’s the Tokyo Game Show this week, and the Financial Times’ man on the ground took the time to collar Square-Enix boss Yoichi Wada about where he sees the industry going, and he had some exciting predictions to make about a wii sequel, or Wii HD as one analyst has dubbed it.

Super Mario Galaxy gets Wii HD treatment

Wada, CEO of the company behind series like Final Fantasy, says that a Wii 2 would launch by 2011, with “functionality” like that of the PS3 and Xbox 360, along with a new controller. He didn’t go so far as to call it on the high definition front, but sharper graphics would certainly be the next step for the Wii, and current games already look a treat on hi-res emulators.

Don’t expect Ninty to let slip anything official about a Wii HD for some time, but if you fancy laying down a cheeky flutter, well that’s fine by us.

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    Surely that’s an admission right there, that Nintendo are an entire gaming generation behind the 360 and PS3?

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