The gadget that will “change music forever” has landed. The uber–hyped autoplay headphones from Sony Ericsson have got a proper name: the MH907 Motion Activated Headphones. Read on to see just how these bad boys will revolutionise music.

The concept behind the Sony Ericsson MH907 buds is simple, but very cool indeed. Packing in Sony Ericsson’s SensMe tech, they can sense what you’re up to. Plug both ‘phones in to listen to tunes. Pull one out and the music will pause immediately.

If you’re using the Sony Ericsson MH907 earphones to take a call, it works just the same. Answer by slapping one in, cut someone off by pulling one out. Just hope you don’t get an itch you need to scratch or the person on the other end might be put out.

Sony Ericsson autoplay headset: new phone hopes dashed

Ok, the Sony Ericsson MH907 aren’t as life-changing as has been made out. But they’re still a very clever little idea and one we can’t wait to stick into our blower.

The Sony Ericsson MH907 headphones will come in yellow/white and titan chrome. The only issue is the apparent lack of a 3.5mm, with only Sony Ericsson phones packing a “fast connector” playing nice.

Out September | €39 | Sony Ericsson

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