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Archos Windows 7 tabletMicrosoft‘s on a roll of late against long time rival Apple. Not content serving up the Zune HD to take on the iPod touch and Pink smartphones to rival the iPhone, it’s now rumoured to be gearing up a tablet to take on Cupertino‘s – and it could be out at just the same time.

Mary Jo Foley, usually first with all sorts of inside gab on Microsoft, has come through with the goods once more, confirming Redmond’s tablet is in the works, under the supervision of Chief Experience Officer J Allard, and a member of the team behind Surface too.

Apple tablet due February

According to Foley, the Microsoft tablet is part of a mystery project called “Alchemy Ventures”, and here’s where it gets really interesting: she goes on to predict that said Microsoft slate could be unveiled right after Apple’s tablet early next year. That means we could be looking at a Microsoft tablet shipping as soon as February or March 2010.

Now of course, Windows tablets have been around for the best part of a decade, but for Microsoft to have such a hushed up crack team on the case, it must be planning something a bit out of the box, as Apple is believed to be. There are no more details right now on the upcoming Microsoft tablet, but we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as that changes.

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  • Poppa

    The Apple Tablet, what tablet? Microsoft mention they are doing a tablet, I bet it will be as light as a paving slab..

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