The Pioneer CDJ-2000 has just been made official in the US, and with a Pioneer event taking place in London tonight, it’s just about to set British beatmatchers’ hearts aflutter.

The CDJ-2000 is a DJ controller with a difference. Two differences, actually. First there’s a whopping great 6.1 inch screen up front, and a touchpad to skip straight to the desired part of a song.

Pioneer’s newest baby is a CD deck, but can also be used as a MIDI controller, making it ideal for MP3 DJs who can program its 35 buttons to do anything they like. Samples, loops, effects: they can all be triggered by the control keys.

You can see the CDJ-2000 in action below. In the US it’s set to cost $2,150, or around £1,300, but stay tuned for official UK pricing.

Out November | £1,300 | Pioneer (via Pocket-Lint)

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