iTunes 9 kills iPod classic

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Update: Apple has just issued iTunes 9.0.3. Does it fix your iPod? Tell us now.

Update: Apple has declined to comment after we investigated your claims about iTunes 9 failing to sync with iPod Classics. Take a look at the latest news on it now.

iTunes 9 might be taking plenty of plaudits. But it seems it’s causing some serious issues for iPod classic owners, with a raft of reports about the newly minted music software failing to sync with the old–school PMP. Read on for all the details.

It appears iTunes 9 isn’t just about iTunes LP and iTunes Extras. Complaints on Apple Support forums, along with a lengthy list sent to AppleInsider, show that the software is causing the iPod classic to crash, fail to sync and lose its contents.

Users have complained that iTunes 9 fails to recognise the iPod classic, while one said that their 160GB model failed as soon as iTunes 9 was installed on Snow Leopard.

iTunes 9 debuts sharing, syncing and Genius extras

Restoring factory settings hasn’t worked for some users either, with plenty left with an empty iPod and no way of loading it up thanks to the lack of support from iTunes 9.

We’ve got a call in with Apple, but in the meantime let us know whether you’ve had any problems down in the comments section.

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  • Brian Carty

    Can no longer sync contacts or calendars on my iPod Nano since installing iTunes 9 with Snow Leopard.

  • Sebastian

    My brother has a 160 GB iPod Classic, out of warranty. I told him to update to iTunes 9, because I have an iPhone 3G and haven’t experienced any problem with iTunes 9. After a restore the sync failed after about 10 GB. I downgraded to iTunes 8.2.1 and restored it again, then synced. As it was late I went to bed. In the morning I found the iPod corrupted (in the middle of the sync iTunes freezed). I cannot restore anymore, even on iTunes 9 or on an other pc.

  • Patrick

    Yup, my 80gb iPod classic has been turned into a paper weight thanks to iTunes 9. My iPhone still syncs just fine, but the Classic is ruined. I’ve tried restoring, reformatting, rebuilding libraries etc. No luck. Can’t even sync on 8 now either.

    • James Holland

      Anyone had the same problems with “vintage” iPods? I still use my old 40GB 2nd gen on long journeys. Gutted if it this update will kill it.

  • Gavin Carston

    Ladies and Gents

    Had the same curse of Itunes 9 and tried everything including the nil reply from Apple themselves. I tried my ipod classic on my wifes laptop that still had ITUNES 8 on it and to my delight found it still works and syncs even though I will have to rebuild my library Fortunately all was backed up. to that extent I recommend you dont use your ipod as a tennis ball or clay pigeon try a rebuild of your pc( i tried to remove all traces of IT9 with no joy) if you require ver 8 of Itunes go here

    Good luck all my Ipod is saved even though a lot of work was involved and thx to all that helped this does not include Apple that were about as much use a a chocolate fireguard.

    • James Holland

      Thanks for the tip Gavin! You’re right though – it’s a ton of work, and all of it completely unecessary!

  • Jaki

    My daughter’s classic ipod (not yet 2 years old) will not sync and got unknown error (-50). Connected to computer windows xp without opening itunes and it said needed reformatting and restored it in itunes. Went through the whole restore process and it the ipod said syncing. Then it said do not disconnect and the ipod will show up in the itunes window – it didn’t! I’ve tried it everyway. I’ve also had the red X in a circle saying to contact apple support, but they only call USA and Canada. I won’t be buying another expensive MP3 player again.

  • Jaki

    Hurrah, I fixed ipod. Persevered, restored a few times and did all the other things, a few times, I tried Disk Mode again and this time it worked. Make sure you have your laptop plugged in to the mains. The ipod was a classic 160GB not yet 2 years old. Latest download of itunes 9. I had various messages (numerous times) including – unknown error (-50), also the red X in a circle, also the ipod is corrupted. I thought my daughter’s ipod was indeed the expensive paperweight. Keep trying over and over and eventually it will work.

    Unplug ipod from computer (have ipod charged). Keep itunes open ready to connect ipod after putting it into disk mode.
    To get into disk mode, Toggle ie switch the hold off and on, then press ‘menu’ and the middle ‘select’ buttons simultaneously until the apple appears, then press the middle ‘select’ and the ‘pause play’ buttons simultaneously until a white screen with a tick appears. Connect ipod to computer. I agreed to erase everything, and lo and behold it started syncing (it had done this before and stopped saying the ipod was corrupt, but after going through various other instructions, this time it worked) It took an hour to sync and copy all the music. I had to keep my finger on the power connection to make sure it didn’t run out of battery (dodgy connection). Hope this is of help to someone. I spent 3 whole days going over and over the same things until eventually it worked, so just keep at it. My 15 year old was grateful for all of 5minutes!! Typical.

    • James Holland

      Wow – thanks Jaki! Helpful info, glad you got it fixed!

  • Bob Fletcher

    I have an iPod Classic that is no longer recognized and therefore will not sync with iTunes. I have tried everything. Nobody from Apple seems to want to provide support. Everything currently in my iPod is locked up forever. I am very disappointed with Apple support even though my other computer equipment is ALL Apple products. So much for buying a quality product. It will definitely be my last purchase from Apple. It’s obvious they care more about the money they are getting from new users who are unaware of the lack of customer support rather than supporting their long time customers.

    • Ben Sillis

      Apple love it if you book a Genius Bar appointment in advance, but as I found out when I tried to book one last week, they’re all booked up, all the time. Convenient. If you want to get their attention, I say you go in to an Apple Store and claim the battery set fire to your jeans. Trust me, that’ll get you some facetime.

    • James Holland

      Hi Bob, thanks for getting in touch. Have you tried the steps other people here found resurrected their iPods? How did you contact Apple? On the phone, through the web or in store? Interested to know why nobody’s helping you.

      • Bob Fletcher

        Yes, I have looked at many different sites all describing the same problem. I tried emailing apple recently to describe the problem, hoping someone would actually call me and provide a solution. They only sent me an e-mail directing me to the apple site with standard “go do’s” when your having minor issues. That does not help in the slightest. I did finally connect my ipod classic to my iMac a couple of days ago. After connecting, my iMac indicated it was updating the ipod software and then after the upload, began to upload my new version of itunes and my music onto my ipod. I thought I had it licked!….I was of course wrong. After it deleted all my music off my ipod it only loaded 8 new tunes onto my ipod and then stopped. An error message appeared, then itunes lost the recognition of my ipod again. I have tried & tried to get it to recognize again with negetive results. It is so disappointing. I really believed apple products were quality products. I guess I was wrong. Thanks for asking about my issue. I not normally one to complain. Bob

  • Kayt

    I have a Classic 80gb and luckily never connected it after downloading itunes 9. Had enough probs even before that. Initially I thought I had problems when it failed to find my mp3 files and then started copying 5000 songs onto my hard drive. That was only the beginning. I managed to stop it doing that but then found that it had somehow managed to delete some tracks out of the external hard drive where I keep my music files. Some of these files are now nowhere to be found. It even deleted them on the backup hard drive. Just random. Half the songs on an album and others it duplicated. In then end the only way I could begin to recover was to get rid of itunes 9 eradicate all traces of it then re-install ver 8 which luckily I had backed up after a recent motherboard crash rebuild. Now all I have to do is re-organise all my playlists, and reload all of the tracks that it mysteriously deleted. And to think I was just about to spend big money in changing over to a Mac desktop. No way after reading about the cavalier way Mac support is treating the Classic owners whose hard drives they have stuffed. THEY can get stuffed!!!!

  • Stats

    I’ve got a ipod classic 80GB – as soon as I updated iTunes to 9 that was it. Crocked.

    • Ben Sillis

      Hi Stats – have you phoned Apple about it, what did they say?

  • Chris

    I have a 160GB Classic. iTunes 9 screwed it up completely. I thought it might be a disk problem so went to the $200 expense of having it replaced. No go. Still won’t sync more than 33GB.
    Nice one Apple.

  • Chris

    Oh, and I live in South Africa so there is not even a phone support option with Apple. Basically, feeling fucked and have put Apple in the “don’t blindly purchase because it’s supposed to be quality” category.

  • Charlotte

    When I tried to buy some music from iTunes store two days ago, it forced us to download iTunes9 before we could make the purchase. Everything went well, until the following day when, first, my son’s 4th generation iPod Nano died, swiftly followed by my 80GB classic. No amount of recharging or resets will bring them to life – and Apple just doesn’t want to know.

    • Ben Sillis

      A 4G nano was killed off by it? I’m sorry to hear that. Have you phoned Apple support and started trying to push it up the chain (demand to speak to managers etc)?

  • Rob

    I have some data points on this, with regard to an iPod Video which is very similar. When you say your Classic is dead, does it exhibit the symptoms I detail in this post:

  • Barbara

    Glad to see I’m not the only one with Itunes-issues. My 80 GB Classic worked fine, never had a problem (it’s just over a year old), but the minute I updated to Itunes 9 it crashed. I’ve tried all the repair options, but it won’t do anything anymore. Now it won’t even go into diskmode, and iTunes certainly doesn’t recognize it so there’s no way I can reset it. Tried older versions of iTunes but I guess I’m beyond help….. :(

  • Jake

    I have an iPod Classic 80gb. As I’m disabled, it’s been a boon to me as I can listen to podcasts and not be tied to the timetable of the radio. Audio books are great too. But, it constantly fails. Since putting iTunes 9 on the computer, the software crashes with the “iTunes has stopped working” Vista message. I can ways get it back, but it means restoring it and then having my whole collection of music, audiobooks, podcasts updated. Somebody needs Fired from Apple for releasing the software with such obvious flaws.

    Apple need to sort out the problems and make available an update to iTunes 9.
    Apple need to seriously look at thier testing procedures before releasing any more products.
    That’s my rant and I feel better for it!!!

  • Robin Moore

    My 80gb classic ipod will only charge. I cannot synch anything to it. It’s as good as dead.

  • Ceri Periam


    I’ve been tearing my hair out all night with my iPod Nano 4th generation. I now have a totally dead nano after upgrading to iTunes 9. Just bought a brand new MacBook Pro and 9 was the iTunes it had on there. Now my iPod has a moving screen but the touchwheel won’t respond at all so I’m unable to reset. I’ve let the battery drain completly but nothing. It’s like it’s stuck in lock mode but the lock is off!! My nano is only 18 months old and I’m gutted,especially after buying the MBP…. ;(


  • Caroline Kearney

    Ditto!! We have four ipods within our household ranging from my original ipod nano 4gb, to an updated classic purchased 18 months ago to a new version ipod nano. Since version 9 was installed the ipod Classic 80gb has stopped functioning. I’ve been through all of the help processes on the Apple website and none have worked.

  • Ceri Periam

    Does anyone know how to raise the issue with Apple uk as this seems to be a theme and it’s not fair why we should just accept it without complaining to Apple!

  • Adhuv

    Have had exactly the same problems as everyone has had with regards itunes 9 on my 80GB Classic.

    Went to ‘Genius’ bar today and a summary of our exchange was him saying.

    I’ve never heard of this problem before, even if lots of people are saying it on forums this isn’t an apple issue and we don’t look at forums, your hard drive sounds like it’s dying, software could not have caused this problem, and your ipod has a couple of scratches on it (and has ‘clearly been dropped’) so I would expect this. He did a ‘master’ restore for me so let’s see what happens with that.

    I replied that everyone had the same issue and it worked absolutely fine before i installed itunes 9.

    He wasn’t interested, saying that hard drive is dying, itunes 9 couldn’t have caused this, and cos i’m out of warranty i can pay £89 for a replacement. He said he’d never seen anyone else complain about this and frankly he was quite rude.

    So much for after care…

    • Ben Sillis

      Didn’t you know? Apple Geniuses are omniscient.

      In all seriousness though, we do feel your pain. This is a major problem that Apple’s failed to address properly. Are you tempted to go with a rival manufacturer instead?

      • Adhuv

        I’m not sure. I use a mac so an ipod is (in normal circumstances) the easiest to use. I have never had any problems like this before with my ipods. I still have a 3rd gen (30GB ipod from 2003) which is absolutely fine but for poor battery life.

        I also called apple after the ‘Genius” master reset didn’t help and he was more helpful. He said that going on what i was saying it didn’t sound like a hardware problem per se but more a software issue. He also said that the guy in the store got his diagnosis etc wrong, and agreed with me.

        However given this guy was on the other end of a phone his help was limited. He gave me a whole list of options, which while they’re unlikely to help, was more in the right direction than the twat in the shop. He also said that he’d not heard of many of these problems to date, BUT i assume news will filter back to apple and they will resolve the problem.

        If they can’t do anything about it they’re gna have a whole host of angry people with dead ipods and we’ll just have to see what happens.

        All i can do now is sit tight and wait, with no music, until apple come back with an official response to all of these complaints (there’s a big thread on this on the apple discussion section of their website).

  • Rob was my original article on this issue.

    Short answer: iTunes 9.0.1 will not work with the iPod 5th generation. (iPod Video). I updated my link with what version worked for me, and how to get it.

  • Adhuv

    Ok, so from above you can see what my problems were.

    Well today i did the usual attempt at a sync and left it on all day. It was frozen all day, i left anyway, went to the pub. Came back just now and everything is synced…

    This isn’t an answer as such but something that worked for me. Maybe if you just leave it plugged in when it freezes it will work… I really wish i could be of more help to you people. I know just how frustrating, demoralising and infuriating this problem is.

    Wishing you luck,


  • http://NONE Jacob Y

    Ok i finally got it working but it took 2 hours! I was looking at the issue that people were having here and there is something with the 9 software that is either corrupting the files on the ipod or leaving scattered or corrupted files on the install folders so what I did was take a look at the computer and see if i could see the ipod, sure enough could so this tells me that there is an issue with the software because it can see it on a laptop desktop and disk management but not itunes. So after some looking thought getting the old files might be better (itunes 8.2.1 is what i used) after i ran the reset utility which clears out the old files that might be left i installed 8.2.1 and then plugged the ipod in and it kept resetting but it was able to be seen for 15 seconds or so in itunes. Did the restore option to rebuild the directory in the ipod about 6 times or so and finally after that and deselecting automatic sync with the itunes software i finally have been able to run this on 2 computers with itunes 8.2.1. What will make this difficult is tomorrow i will try to see what i can do with the itunes songs my gf bought (ugh this will make life more difficult, stupid songs for sale) and syncing them to the pod with 8.2.1 or maybe 9 and if it comes to that apple will be getting a call on this. I will check back here soon if anyone has any questions on this or needs some help

  • romo

    thanks. stupid me. upgraded os to snow leopard and didn’t expect problem with ‘new’ itunes and ‘old’ ipod. thanks assholes.

  • Joe Minihane

    Hi guys

    I’m taking a proper look at this this week. If you could furnish me with any more details, model names, how long you’ve had your iPod, whether you’re using the very latest version of iTunes 9 etc, I’d be really grateful.



  • Jess

    Since plugging in my iPod Classic 160GB into iTunes 9, I cannot load more than about 30GB before the syncing gets excruciatingly slow. Usually then iTunes crashes and sometimes the little I have stored on the iPod disappears. I have restored the iPod a dozen times with no permanent solution. Nice job, Apple.

  • Stark

    I updated to ITunes 9 – I use a pc running windows xp. It promptly decided to rename itself Itunes1 (one) and then wouldn’t recognize my Ipod Shuffle. After struggling with this, I did a search and deleted the folder named Itunes1 (one), sending it to the recycle bin in case this was a disaster.

    Then Itunes said it needed a library so I imported my original and it immediately recognized my Shuffle.

    Weird bug. See if that helps at all, if you are using a pc I mean. About Apple OS I know nothing, yet.

  • http://neener nbabylon

    My 2nd gen nano was not sync’ing in Itunes 9, but appearing on the desktop.

    I started up Itunes 8 while holding down the option key. Created a temp library and let it start. It immed. recognized the nano and prompted for a firmware update. After the update I closed Itunes 8 and deleted the temp. library.

    I then started Itunes 9, selected the original library, and Itunes recognized my nano.


  • Joe Minihane

    Hi guys

    I’ve done some more rummaging into this. You can read the latest article on iTunes 9 syncing problems here:

    Tell us if you’re still having issues/have fixes and we’ll share them out.



  • ekr4now

    I have a 80 GB classic. Worked fine until I installed Itunes 9. I’m also using a new MacBook Pro with 10.5.8 (NOT snow leopard). Ever since I installed Itunes 9, my 80 GB ipod will not sync. It will show up on the desktop as an icon, but not in Itunes. It did not wipe all the music off my ipod i still have all my previous music, but at this point i will never be able to add anything new.

    as a side note: i have an iphone and an ipod touch and both of those sync fine. it is just the 80 GB classic that will not work.

  • kate

    same problem here with my 80 GB iPod classic. the iPod connects, i get the “turning arrows” and it says it’s synching, but nothing actually happens. after a while, everything freezes and i get the “cannot read or write to disk” error and i have to force quit. some albums have vanished from my iPod, but it hasn’t been wiped clean. yet. Restore to factory settings doesn’t work either. ( I’m using a brandnew iMac, OS X 10.6.2.)

    for the first time, I’m very disappointed in Apple. I don’t want to shell out another 400 bucks for a new iPod when mine is barely 2 years old and actually working fine.

  • laurel

    My ipod classic would not synch even though no probs synching my nano. Went to apple store at Bluewater. Of course plugged into their computer – no problems. The only difference in their set up was they had the latest ipod software. Mine needed to be uprgraded. They did this in the store. Got home- problem sorted. Simples.Seems that to use itunes 9 you must have the latest ipod software to make it all compatible. I hope this helps a lot of ipod classic owners and is at least simple.

  • JohnH

    The day I upgraded my Macbook Pro OS to Snow Leopard I started having problems with my 80GB iPod classic. It just stopped syncing.

    Today the problems got bizarre. Sometimes it will show up in Finder and when it does, it will also appear in the disk utility. However, if it shows up as a device in iTunes, it will not appear as a device in Finder.

    When I started having problems, I called Apple. I said I installed SL and started having problems with iTunes. The response: well, that’s an iTunes problem. I said that it started when I installed SL. Response: is SL working? Me: Yes. Apple dipwad: well, see, I told you it’s iTunes causing the problem. Me: does Apple make iTunes? Apple dipwad: Yes, but that’s another phone call. Me: excuse me, but did you transfer me to Microsoft? Apple dipwad: Huh? Me: I think I got transferred to Microsoft because this is the same kind of crap I got when I upgraded Windows.

    Any solutions would be welcome. This is maddening.

  • Joe Minihane

    Hi everyone

    Apple has got onto us to say it’s investigating the issues with iTunes 9



  • Louis Simon

    This is amazing, that there are so many thousands of people whose iPod classics have been destroyed by iTunes 9. I am another victim. Had no problems with my almost-two-year-old 80gig classic. Then I upgraded to iTunes9. The first time I plugged the iPod in it froze. Not knowing what to do, I went to bed. In the morning the iPod had been ejected by iTunes and 40 gigs of music had been randomly deleted. Some of this was stuff from an old pc that died and so I’ve lost it permanently. Now, iTunes will not recognize the iPod: it freezes every time in the “verifying” stage. So I can’t put any new music on the iPod, ever apparently. It left me with about 30gigs, but that’s it (out of about 75 gigs of 320kbps mp3s). IS IT JUST A COINCIDENCE THAT APPLE HAS JUST RELEASED A NEW IPOD CLASSIC? HOW STUPID DO THEY THINK PEOPLE ARE? I am all for starting a class-action lawsuit against Apple: 1) for releasting an update that destroys their own equipment, and 2) for pretending that this problem does not exist or that it’s just a coincidence that the iPod classic dies after updating to iTunes 9. I am talking to a lawyer tomorrow. Maybe we could start a class-action movement on Facebook. This is unacceptable. I will never buy an Apple product again in my life!

    • Sean Cameron

      I have just bought a new iPod classic and that refuses to be recognised so I have a new £180 paperwieght.

  • Yasmin

    I just bought a new iPod classic 80GB in November. Precisely one month later, it became a useless piece of junk thanks to iTunes 9. I had always been using iTunes 9 from the moment I got my iPod, but after realising one day that syncing was going really, really slowly, I clicked on the option to ‘update’. Now wish I NEVER did that. Nonstop problems with iPod and iTunes from then on, clicking & screeching inside the iPod, only allowing to sync a few hundred songs then completely freezing both the iPod and iTunes. Now I fear the harddrive is irreversibly corrupted. And I know it’s iTunes because I’ve reset my whole operating system TWICE to try to get it to work (which is, needless to say, a pain in the neck). I’m upset as iPods aren’t cheap and I was really enjoying mine until Apple decided to screw everyone over.

  • Devon

    Class-action lawsuit sounds like an f*ing fantastic idea. My 80g ipod classic was working fine up until friday afternoon when I decided to update my itunes to its latest version 9. I don’t even have a warranty covering it. But I never thought it would be a problem since the darn thing worked perfectly until Apple decided to screw all of its iPod Classic customers.

    :-( I just can’t believe Apple continues to “decline to comment.”

  • Kim

    I hate to sound contrite, but “misery loves company” but sad for all of us that we’re not alone! My 80g Classic worked beautifully until 3 days ago … went to add music to it, upgraded to iTunes 9 and have had the same problems documented here! Got the corrupt file message, have done all the “fixes” recommended on their site, my computer recognizes my iPod but iTunes does not! When a guru friend offered to help, had the same “luck” I had, even getting the message “connect to iTunes to restore” (hopeless because iTunes doesn’t recognize it!), told me they think the drive’s fried (thank you, Apple, and iTunes 9!) I was ready to delegate it to the tackle box for use as a fishing sinker until I found this blog. Will hang on to my Classic with hope that help is on the way. Thanks folks for the company!

  • Lam

    The only way i got mine to work is to use the cheap cord bought on ebay from china. those $1 retractable ones. if i use the apple cord, i’d have to connect it to the ipod slowly and carefully. i can’t push it all the way in but enough to connect it. it’s weird but it works. i still hate apple for this damn problem though.

  • matt

    i got the same problem with my 80gb ipod. what to do? can i install itunes 8 and then it ll work again? has anyone tried???

  • Joe Minihane

    Apple has just issued iTunes 9.0.3. Let us know now if it fixes your iPod

  • Gonzalo

    Well, I try the new update of iTunes 9 but doesn’t work. Still having troubles when I synch my iPod Classic 120G.
    This is the first time (and the last) I buy something from Apple.
    On the good side, im still in guarantee so I think they going to fix or replace my iPod.

  • Clive Parrott

    Downloaded 9.0.3 and itunes asked me to restore ipod, i did and then it told me itunes was not authorised, tried to deauth pc and it errored, told me to repair itunes which i did, still did not work, uninstalled, reinstalled and still won’t authorise. now have an empty ipod and no authorisation to play music I paid for! all this on a Core I7 system which has worked perfectly since I built it. my library is on a NAS so at least I still have that.
    All in all very dissapointed and frustrated, I have had 6 ipods so I am a loyal user but the issues with itunes recently have tainted this.

  • David Morris

    Downloaded 9 then found I could nolonger write or read a CD so no back up. Managed to clear 9 and reloaded 8 ipod now works OK however individual tracks corrupt and have to be removed and reinstalled. When I contacted Apple by email the reply when it came told me to log on to there help page as if I to stupid not to have already done that.

  • Ian Partington

    Same problem with i.pod clasic and syncing. Further it won’t restore. feel certain it’s the same problem as everyone else. Apple denied on the telephone that there are any issues with i.t

  • Greg Phillips

    Well my ipod video 120gb started getting slower and slower each time I tried to update my music and then it started refusing to sync to itunes. It got to the point that I had to restore everytime I wanted to add music to my ipod and last week it just stopped responding altogether. Itunes crashes everytime I connect the ipod in disk mode as it won’t boot up normally. I can access the ipod using any windows software and there are no disk errors being shown nor are there any viruses on it. I’m very disappointed in apple over this. I’ve taken care of my ipod since day one, put it in a protective case and never dropped it. Use it in my truck instead of toting around tons of cd’s. Now it just sits on my desk while I try to figure out how to get it working again. I did buy a touch 64gb to replace it but I’m not happy about not having my regular ipod working properly. If I try to boot it up all I get is the apple logo and that’s it. Nice apple. If my nav system weren’t set up to use the ipod I’d have bought someone elses product to replace the thing instead of rewarding apple with another purchase.

  • Vijay

    My IPOD classic is not working with ITunes 9.

    Till yesterday I did not update my Itunes version and my Ipod was fine. Today when I updated it to 9 then it started giving me all kinds of errors and I am unable to load anything into my IPOD. It says Ipod is locked and cannot be updated.

  • Brad Graham

    I wrote the following article and submitted it to my local newspapers (the Brampton Guardian, The Toronto Sun, and the Toronto Star) after Apple told me they would not provide me with any assistance on this matter (both through their customer support line, and through the complaint I filed with the Better Business Bureau).

    You have my permission to reproduce this article, and I would love it if you submitted this to your local papers as well. Apple does not have the right to treat their customers this way.

    This Apple’s Rotten

    After some careful consideration and a great deal of research, I’ve come to the following unfortunate conclusion:

    Apple doesn’t care about their customers.

    I purchased my 80GB iPod Classic July 13th, 2008 through Apple’s website for $250.00. Though initially sceptical about how ‘great’ Apple products are, I was quickly won over by the functionality, design, and truly amazing sound of the device. Knowing I’d be using it primarily at the gym, I immediately purchased a number of accessories to go along with it (rubber case with arm band, secure-fit earphones, etc.), and for eighteen months, I had a reliable, problem-free digital music player that brought me nothing but joy.

    And then, on December 22nd, 2009, I got the message:

    “A new version of iTunes is ready to be installed.”

    Being relatively computer-savvy, I knew this was not a pop-up ad, and thought I could trust an update from the creator of my device. This would turn out to be a huge mistake.

    Immediately after iTunes 9.0.1 was installed, another window popped up. This message was unfamiliar to me:

    “iTunes has detected an iPod that appears to be corrupted. You may need to restore this iPod before it can be used with iTunes. You may also try disconnecting and reconnecting the iPod.”

    Disconnecting and reconnecting several times did nothing but freeze my computer, and lead to my iPod not being recognized by iTunes or my computer in general. It was with great sadness that I decided to restore the iPod (restoring will wipe your iPod clean of all data). While I was upset that my entire library of music would be lost, I was comforted by the fact that I’d at least be able to salvage the device itself. That’s when the restore was completed, and I received that same, unfamiliar and now enraging message:

    “iTunes has detected an iPod that appears to be corrupted. You may need to restore this iPod before it can be used with iTunes. You may also try disconnecting and reconnecting the iPod.”

    Countless restores later, I was still getting the same message. It was time to call Apple Customer Support.

    A brief conversation led to them saying there was no record of my purchase based on the serial number I provided. When asked if they could search by my name, they told me no.

    “No?” I thought. Apple? One of the largest hardware and software producers in the world? iPod? iTunes? iPhone? iPad? I don’t flipping believe it.

    Dejected, I got off the phone and headed for a better source of information – the internet. It was there that I happened upon a forum on Apple’s website:

    Hundreds and thousands of other iPod Classic users with the exact same issue: “Help! I installed iTunes 9 and now my iPod doesn’t work!”

    Well, with all these users complaining, surely Apple will come out with some sort of press release and a strategy to resolve our collective problem.

    This issue started in September 2009… here are some forum postings from March 2010:

    Kelsonz27: I installed the new update, version 9.0.3 and it did nothing for me. I’m sick of this, I’m thinking about switching to a Zune

    BK-Sleeper: Seeing as Apple still isn’t paying any attention to this tremendously bad issue, I guess it’ll be a good idea to start warning people to avoid Ipod Classic for the moment. I, for one, am probably going to go down to Walmart/Target/Bestbuy during my free time and just post sticky notes near the Ipod Classics reading “Warning: Does not work with the current version of Itunes.”

    Andy1987: I have the same problem, quite ridiculous that apple has not created a fix for it yet, not impressed.

    Zeexito: Signed up to say that my iPod Classic 120GB has stopped working also after updating to iTunes 9. I’ve read through this thread and tried everything. It’s really frustrating. Has anyone had any luck since the last post in here?

    Those are four posts out of 35 pages and approximately 570 complaints from disgruntled iPod users.

    I wasn’t about to admit defeat after taking such excellent care of my iPod, only to have it ‘corrupted’ by Apple’s software.

    I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, only to receive an irritating and unhelpful response from Tim O`Neil – Apple Executive Relations.

    To summarize, I was told that my iPod was out of warranty by seven months, my repair history (zero repairs) was inconsistent with the problem, and that while Apple values my service, this complaint is now closed.

    Hundreds and thousands of Apple customers are being forced to replace products that were functioning well until they installed a software update from Apple. Apple is refusing to take ownership of this issue and rectify the situation.

    My suggestion to every iPod owner – do not install an iTunes update until Apple fixes this problem.

    My suggestion to every potential iPod owner – buy a Zune.

  • Sandra

    I have an Ipod nano and recently bought a new computer, after I downloaded the last version of Itune, nothing worked any more, no matter what I do, it is simply impossible to sync music on my ipod, manually or not. I have a music library and an ipod playlist in my computer but there is no way to import any of the songs in my ipod. What is going on? what is the problem between the old Ipod and the new version of itune? it should work, I thought it was just me but I have just found out that there are a tone of complaints. I am frustrated and seriously it does not make me want to buy anything fro Apple.

  • diane

    Bought an older version ipod classic a few weeks ago, 5th generation. Worked great…I finally decided to upgrade itunes because I was tired of the little popup. It worked fine together for a week or so, then the ipod crashed. I reset the ipod, but ever since it has taken its time turning on and off. I plugged it in today after listening to it to charge it, and the apple logo came up, it made some sounds, then went back off. It has done this several times, and does the same thing when its not connected.

    I can’t believe this.

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