apple-imacA spanking new iMac and rejigged MacBook will be landing “in weeks”. That’s the word from analysts at Wedge Partners, who reckon new models will be timed to gazump the release of Windows 7. Keep reading for all the gossip. Mac fans.

Analysts are often first out of the gate with wild Apple predictions. But today’s chatter about a new iMac and MacBook could just make sense. See, Wedge Partners reckon Steve Jobs is lining up an announcement and cheaper models to blow Windows 7 out of the water.

A new iMac would pack a whole new design, departing from the classy current finish which was first touted in summer 2007. Wedge Partners believe it’ll rock a “thinner, organic design, likely with smooth or rounded edges.”

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A new MacBook would more likely see a limited refresh, perhaps toughening up the now old–school white plastic frame.

With Windows 7 penned in for 22 October, it seems these surprise new iMac and MacBook models are just around the corner.

Out TBC | £TBC | Apple (via Tech Trader Daily)

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