Creative Aurvana Air review

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We love
Sound great, good fit and make tunes even better
We hate
Pricey for what they are, leak noise
A cracking set of headphones let down by a rather hefty price tag
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Creative is usually known for its skills in churning out respectable, if unremarkable, iPod–baiters. But the Creative Aurvana Air headphones put this some time MP3 maker into different territory. So do they make the audio cut? Or should they be trashed like the bundled buds you get with Creative’s PMPs? Read our Creative Aurvana Air review now and get the full skinny.

Clamp the Creative Aurvana Air headphones onto your lugholes and you’ll soon realise immediately that you’re dealing with a truly classy piece of kit. The sound quality is stonking, offering cracking bass and treble that made our electronica favourite, LCD Soundsystem’s 45:33, sound even cooler and cleverer than it already is.

Problems arise with the Creative Aurvana Air cans when you realise that they can’t quite live up to the noise cancelling delights of the Shure SE530s. That’s simply down to the fact that you don’t shove them as deep as possible into your ear canal. That does mean some sound leaks, but also that you won’t have an ear ache worthy of keeping you off work for days at a time.

A big winner for the Creative Aurvana Air headphones is the cable. At 1.2 metres long it’s ideal for keeping your iPod in your bag, but not so long that it gets into unseemly tangles that cause Tube–based tantrums. It sounds simple, but we think this really sets Creative apart.

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The biggest issue, however, comes with the price. The Creative Aurvana Air cost a a massive £170. And seeing as they’re very similar to the Bang&Olufsen A8′s, which cost around £90, that’s a price that makes us question whether these really are worth buying. A shame as the Creative Aurvana Air are a corking pair of headphones.

  • Bargainin Joe

    I had my eyes on these earphones for a while but £170 is a lot for me. Luckily found them on sale for £99.99 on the manufacturer’s own website today:

    • James Holland

      Excellent! Nice spot!

  • Site Launch System Bonus

    Woa, those are the coolest headphones Ive ever seen

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