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The new iPod nano might shoot video. But just how does its camera compare with its closets rivals? We’ve got the answer, thanks to a new clip from Recombu, pitting the new iPod nano against its biggest challengers: the iPhone 3GS, Flip Mino HD and Nokia 5530 XpressMusic. Read on, and see all the footage now.

Taking the new iPod nano down to their local supermarket, the chaps at Recombu shot some footage and audio with the dinky MP3 player. Compared to its toughest competitors, the pics came out fresher and the sound was crisp and clear.

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It seems that while the new iPod nano might seem a jack of all trades, it really is worth a punt if you want a killer PMP and neat camcorder in your pocket. Oh, and it takes very nice footage of spaghetti too.

Out now | From £115 | Apple (via Recombu)

  • Poppa

    The Nano video looks better quality than the flip, and if you compare the size against each other the flip looks like a brick compared to the Nano. I would definitely go for the Nano and the Westlers Meat Balls..

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