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Archos Phone TabletArchos had “one more thing” to tease us with at the Android tablet unveiling today: an Archos Phone Tablet! Read on for what we know so far about this voice handling voluptuous PMP.

Archos promised us an Android toting PMP that could make calls too, but despite the fact that the new Archos 5 Internet Tablet has a microphone, it can only make VoIP calls over Wi-Fi. But the bods in Paris have been working on a follow up, the Archos Phone Tablet, that calls over HSDPA.

Archos 5 Internet Tablet hands-on photos!

Archos wasn’t saying much about it, or when we’ll be seeing a release date, but it did confirm that the Archos Phone Tablet will pack a slimmer 4.3-inch touchscreen with a sharper 854×480 resolution, HSDPA, a 1GHz Arm processor and a thin, 10mm shell. Think slightly bigger than the Toshiba TG01, and Android instead of Windows Mobile.

We’ll have more details on the Archos Phone Tablet when Archos drops them, or given its propensity for leaks, before then.

Out TBC | £TBC | Archos

  • André

    Via ArchosLounge ustream Live !

  • Ted Wilson

    I sure hope that phone works better than their media players. I’ve owned 5 different models and all have had software gliches, failed hard drives and batteries that fail within months and I rarely used any of them more than 3 hours a week. Love the designs and their great when they work, but so hard to get repaired and such an investment for something that simply doesn’t work for a long period of time.

    • James Holland

      Ted, I’m tempted to agree with you: Traditionally, I’ve found Archos’ software to be a bit glitchy, not very user friendly and awkward to use. However, I’ve always been impressed by the codec support and flexibility (if you’re willing to do a bit of fiddling). I think the move to Android will be a good thing: It’ll mean Archos can add on top of it, and draw a line under some of their old usability issues. We’ll let you know how we get on as soon as review units of the Phone Tablet are available!

  • Ben Sillis

    I wasn’t aware of Archos’ Xbox-level failure rate. But this should follow the trend of the Archo 5 Tablet to SSD for storage, meaning mechanical faults won’t be a risk.

  • Afrochap

    Any info, on release date yet? I wanted to get the Archos IT (Android), but with this news, I might hold on to my money. If its gonna be on several carriers, there should be good subsidies, which mean it should be cheaper, but you’ll get locked in probably a 24 month contract.

    • James Holland

      No news on an exact date yet… stay tuned though, as soon as we know so will you!

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