Apple tablet due February

Apple tabletThe Apple tablet is back as the favourite Steve Jobs gizmo to tattle about now we’ve all got over the new iPods. It’s time to start counting down the days to launch: we already knew it was due next year, but now sources claim to know exactly when. Grab your diary and read on for the deets.

According to Taiwan Economic News, the Apple tablet is on track to be delivered to the company by suppliers by December, in time for a February launch.

It gets better though. The tech trade publication’s sources go on to detail the precise specs of the fabled, long lusted after Apple tablet: we’re talking a 9.6-inch multitouch screen, HDSPA connectivity, a “long lasting battery” and a pricetag between $799 and $999 (£480-£600).

How the Apple tablet will start a revolution

That sounds surprisingly cheap for an Apple slate, but then the built in mobile broadband suggests network contracts are on the way too so don’t read too much into the pricetag just yet.

Naturally, we won’t be hearing anything official about an Apple tablet for a long while yet, but keep it locked here for all the whispers we hear before then.

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