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Nokia 7705 Twist: official photos spied!

Remember the Nokia swivel phone? That bizarre contraption is now out and official as the Nokia 7705 Twist. Read on to see this rotating phone up close, and peep all the info.

Just announced in the US, the Nokia 7705 Twist looks exactly like the blueprints we spotted back in April. It’s quite bare bones, with a 3MP camera and some social networking integration sewn in, but that form factor is like no other. We could see out selves playing with it all day, and you can even prop it up so it stands by itself for group timer shots.

Nokia swivel phone spied

If you’re wondering what that huge circle on the right of the Nokia 7705 Twist is, it’s a “Contact Light Ring” which can flash different colurs depending on who’s calling. Think an enormous BlackBerry LED and you’re not far off.

Now for the bad news. The Nokie 7705 Twist is out in America this month, but has been made especially for US network for Verizon, so there’s no current plan for a UK release. Don’t rule it out either though: AT&T got the Nokia Surge, and a similar slide phone soon followed over here.

Out TBC | £TBC | Nokia (Via Nokia Conversations)

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